January 2024

2024 Benditt Award Recipient

Asrar Malik to receive 2024 Earl P. Benditt Award

NAVBO is pleased to announce the selection of Asrar B. Malik, PhD, as the 2024 recipient of the Earl P. Benditt Award, in recognition of his numerous contributions to our understanding of pulmonary vascular barrier function. Dr. Malik is the Schweppe Family Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology & Regenerative Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. Over the decades, 

Dr. Asrar Malik

work in Dr. Malik’s laboratory has helped delineate the molecular mechanisms that govern vascular permeability in a variety of normal homeostatic contexts (such as hemostasis and adaptive angiogenesis) and pathologies (inflammation, sepsis, thrombosis, tumor angiogenesis). Dr. Malik will receive the award at Vascular Biology 2024 in Pacific Grove, California in October. Congratulations Asrar!


Developmental Vascular Biology Workshop


Plan to attend this virtual conference discussing the origins of vascular developmental biology and the current trends and new insights in this dynamic field.  Registration will be open through February 14.  Sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants only.


The event organizers,  Luisa Iruela-Arispe (Northwestern University) and Brant Weinstein (NICHD/NIH), along with other experts in the field will explore the roots and branches of vascular development.

Calll for Nominations

We are seeking nominations from the membership for the 2024 Stephen Schwartz and Florence Sabin Awards, which will be presented at Vascular Biology 2024 in October. Nominations are due March 15, 2024,   See the web site for more details. Click on appropriate tab.

Special Thanks to Vascular Biology 2023 Sponsors

The Center for Cardiovascular
Immunology Research

at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre

IVBM 2024 Abstract Deadline Approaching!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Florence Sabin is an inspiration to all and in 2022, NAVBO initiated the Florence Sabin Award to honor those that champion underrepresented groups.

In celebration of the upcoming International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, 2024, we are reaching out to all our valued members to tell us about a remarkable woman scientist who has inspired and motivated them.

Women scientists are all around us and might have impacted you through their dedication to the field, their groundbreaking discoveries, or their impact on our NAVBO community. We would love to highlight these women on our NAVBO social media campaign over the next few weeks until February 11, 2024.

If you would like to participate, complete this form and, if possible, submit a photograph within the form, by February 5, 2024.

Call for Editors

We are currently seeking a new editor to join one of our editing teams for NAVBO's Vascular Biology Publications Alert (VBPA).


How it works - The VBPA has 21 editors, three teams of seven, that share the work of selecting relevant papers from a predetermined list of journals.  Each team works every third month and works under one of our senior editors, Radu Stan (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth), Somanath Shenoy (University of Georgia) and Juan Melero-Martin (Boston Children's Hospital).


Established in 2007, this publication is still quite popular among our members and the work of the editors is very much appreciated.


If you are interested, let us know by completing this form by February 26, you’ll be asked to upload your CV.  Our senior editors will review the applicants and make their selection.


NAVBO would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to Lorin Olson, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, for his years of service as a VBPA Editor.  Thank you, Lorin!!

Spotlight on Trainees

NIH Working Group on postdoc affairs delivers recommendations

NIH’s Working Group on Re-envisioning NIH-Supported Postdoctoral Training issued its report to NIH leadership in December 2023. The group had been charged in 2022 with developing a set of recommendations that would, in view of declining numbers of life science postdoctoral scholars, help support a sustainable and diverse workforce. Recommendations address features related to recruitment and retention (e.g., salary and benefits), professional development, international talent, and institutional mechanisms (safety, diversity, research climate). within institutional research programs. The full report of the working group includes details on the recommendations. The Advisory Committee to the Director of the NIH accepted the recommendations, and the NIH leadership will now address their potential implementation.

Travel Award Opportunities

Travel Awards to GRCs for NAVBO Trainee Members
NAVBO is once again offering our trainee members travel awards to two upcoming Gordon Research Conferences: Lymphatic Vascular Diversity in Development, Tissue Homeostasis, Disease and Therapeutic Strategies (March 3-8, 2024 - award applications are due February 4) and Endothelial Cell Heterogeneity in Vascular Development, Disease and Homeostasis (June 30 - July 5, 2024  - award applications are due June 2).  For more information click on the "Travel Award - Other" tab on our Trainee Awards web page.

Member News

Welcome to our New Members:

Surya Prakash Rao Batta, University of South Florida
Kiran Boran, Boston Children's Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

Vanessa Cândido, University College Dublin 

Prangthip Charoenpong, Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport

Isabella Cisneros, National Institutes of Health

Brian G. Coon, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)

Mark Danesh, York University

Razieh Dehghan, University of South Florida

Eva Faurobert, IAB INSERM 1209 CNRS 5309

Benjamin Garcia, University of New Mexico

Jaspreet Gosal, University of Calgary

Kanako Inoue, NIH/NICHD 

Divyesh Joshi, Yale University

Madeleine Kenton, NICHD/NIH

Jian Khor, National Institutes of Health 

Yehyun Kim, National Institutes of Health

Nivedha Krishnan, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Riley Laurence, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation/University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Wenling Li, NHLBI 

Cynthia Lo, Yale University

Celia Martinez-Aceves, National Institutes of Health 

Meenakshi Maurya, Boston Children's Hospital 

Naresh Kumar Ragava Chetty Nagaraj, University of California, San Diego

Gideon Obeng, Rutgers Health

Filipa Oliveira, Uppsala University

Shannon Paquette, Dartmouth College

Rishi Patel, The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Alexandra Pislaru, York University

John Prevedel, NIH/NICHD

Nicole Restrepo, University of South Florida

Jean Prosper Santiago, NIH/NICHD

Hanan Shalaby, University of South Florida

Ruchita Shandilya, University of Calgary

Shuxuan Song, National Institutes of Health

Mary Strevens, University of Oxford

Serena Thomas, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Anna Tsukerman, Technion

Christina Vyzas, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Jackson White, NIH
Kel Vin Woo, Washington University in St. Louis

Yan Zeng, Boston Children's Hospital

NAVBO Meetings and Events

Keep up to date on NAVBO happenings through the Calendar of Events

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Recent Member Publications

If you recently published a paper and would like to have it included in a future issue of the NAVBO NewsBEAT and/or on our web site.  Please send the citation to

Industry News

Too many publications for our own good?

Hanson and coauthors, writing in arXiv, describe a “strain on scientific publishing” associated with extraordinary increases in numbers of published papers since 2016 while numbers of practicing scientists are stable or declining. This pattern constitutes an increased burden for writing, editing, and reviewing manuscripts. The increase in published papers is concentrated in a small group of major publishing firms and includes strong representation of special topic issues, where submissions encounter faster turnaround times and lower rejection rates. Whether or not the driver of this trend is principally financial is open to debate, and the publishers themselves defend the practice of emphasizing special issues., but the numbers are inescapably indicative of heightened burden on authors and reviewers.


NAS workshop on misinformation coming in April 2024

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine are planning a virtual workshop on April 10-11, 2024, that will address issues surrounding pervasive disinformation encountered on social media. The workshop aims to provide an overview of the disinformation landscape in political and health arenas, assess tools available to detect disinformation, consider a range of approaches to address disinformation, and understand consumer openness to disinformation. More information is available here.


3D atlas of senescent vasculature cells needs your input

The NIH SenNet + HOA “Hacking the Human Vasculature in 3D” Kaggle competition is up and running! The Cellular Senescence Program (SenNet) and the Human Organ Atlas (HOA) teams are inviting contributions, due February 6, 2024, that will improve 3D segmentation of vasculature. Segmentation data will help advance efforts toward construction of a more complete Vascular Common Coordinate Framework (VCCF) and Human Reference Atlas (HRA) for the healthy human body. A total prize amount of $80,000 (sponsored by Kaggle, CIFAR, and Thermo Fisher Scientific) will be distributed among the five winning teams. Check here to enroll in the competition any time before January 30, 2024.

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