GVRC Travel Award Application

NAVBO Sponsored Trainee Travel Awards to the 5th Annual Gulf Coast Vascular Research Consortium (GVRC)

Applications are due to NAVBO by July 20, 2023 

NAVBO will provide up to two travel awards ($250 each) for NAVBO member trainees (graduate student, post-doctoral fellows or equivalent) to attend this conference.  The award recipients will be chosen by the organizers of the conference.

For more information about this meeting click here.

Please be sure to have all the necessary items before beginning this form.  You are not able to save the form and return later.

  • Applicant must submit an abstract to the GVRC
  • Applicant and the applicant's PI (i.e., senior/corresponding author on the abstract) must be current NAVBO members in good standing (membership dues paid through June 30, 2023 or later).
  • Submit the application below including the following:
    • verification that you are attending this meeting
    • name and email of your PI (who must be the senior author on the abstract and a NAVBO member)
    • letter from your PI/supervisor attesting to your work on the research described in the abstract and your current status (pdf)
    • copy of the abstract submitted to this meeting (pdf). 
    • current CV

Please note, this does not replace your abstract submission to the GVRC.

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Please note only students and postdocs (and equivalent) are eligible.

Must be a current Regular Member of NAVBO

Please upload a pdf

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Please upload a letter from your PI/Supervisor attesting to your work on the research described in the submitted  abstract and your current status. This should be a pdf.

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A copy of the email confirmation of your registration will suffice. Please upload a pdf.

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20MB max