Lymphatic Forum Art Exhibit

Lymphatics are notoriously hard to visualize, which has led vascular biologists around the world to develop advanced imaging methods to allow the study of the remodelling and function of these vessels in health and disease. At the Lymphatic Forum 2023, we welcome and challenge you to seize the opportunity to share your most beautiful or innovative exploits by participating in the first Science Art Exhibit dedicated to lymphatics.

Upload your artwork to enter our unique onsite exposition and contest of artwork related to lymphatic science, be it videos, images, 3D prints, or inspired sketches, drawings or sculptures.

Explain what you see, and how seeing is believing/knowledge, especially for a lay audience. Indicate if you are also interested in having your art work displayed after the conference to the general public in the aim to spread light on the frontiers of lymphatic research.

Please complete this form to be included in the exposition and contest (please note - you are not able to save this form and return to it, so please have all of your information and materials at hand)

The entry deadline is June 1, 2023.

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If you consent to share your artwork with the general public, please be sure this description is in understandable terms.  

Please provide us with a jpeg of your artwork. This can be the actual digital graphic or a scanned image or photo of a painting, 3D model, sculpture, etc.

You will be required to bring your actual artwork to the meeting for presentation.  The meeting organizers will not be responsible for printing or framing images.

20MB max

Indicate here if you are willing to have your artwork displayed online for the general public.  We will include your brief description with the display.

Your artwork can be a anything - 3D model, video, sculpture, painting, however, it may be inconvenient to bring the actual piece to the conference. What would you plan to show at the meeting?