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Recorded Webinar: Anne Eichmann and Carmen Halabi

Recorded Webinar: Anne Eichmann and Carmen Halabi

1/14/2023 - 1/4/2024


Join us for featured talks from the 22nd International Vascular Biology Meeting. Dr. Anne Eichmann, Yale University, will present "Guidance of vascular barrier formation. "  

Dr. Carmen Halabi, Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, will present " Structural and Functional Contribution of the Matricellular Protein, Fibulin-4, to Arterial Integrity." Here is the link to Dr. Halabi's paper: 

Abstract: Mutations in fibulin-4 (FBLN4), a matricellular gene required for extracellular matrix (ECM) assembly, result in autosomal recessive cutis laxa type 1B (ARCL1B), a syndrome characterized by loose skin, aortic aneurysms, pulmonary emphysema and skeletal abnormalities. Fbln4E57K/E57K mice recapitulated the phenotypes observed in ARCL1B. In particular, they exhibited ascending aortic aneurysms, elastic fiber fragmentation and increased stiffness in large arteries, and systolic hypertension. Surprisingly however, internal elastic laminae of small resistance and muscular arteries were intact. In our most recent studies, we show that the increased pulsatile flow resulting from the structural abnormalities and increased stiffness of conduit arteries in Fbln4E57K/E57K mice leads to increased shear stress, a highly oxidative environment, and endothelial dysfunction related to reduced nitric oxide bioavailability in resistance mesenteric arteries. These data have significant implications, not only for the basic biology of ECM assembly along the arterial tree, but also for the clinical consequences of large artery stiffness on the microcirculation.

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1/14/2023 - 1/4/2024

This recording is available 24/7 from now through January 4, 2024.

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